As we approach our one year anniversary of being successfully funded on Kickstarter, we wanted to do something a little unique... in a world full of bold designs, this paddle stands out from the crowd for being almost completely free of "design" in its white on white on white on white configuration!

We'll be giving away this unicorn of a pickleball paddle to one of our lucky fans!


Based on our Avant TP, it's completely one of a kind and the only one we'll ever make like it! It's USAPA approved and was made right here in Bellingham, Washington, and YOU CAN WIN IT!

Here's how it works:

We'll be doing a raffle the week of 8/12/2019. You "earn" "raffle tickets" according to the following:

- 5 tickets given to all existing customers as of today (7/25/2019)
- 5 bonus tickets to anyone who orders a paddle between now and 8/12/2019
- 2 tickets given to each of our Facebook and Instagram followers (if you follow us on both, that's 4 tickets!)
- 3 tickets given to anyone who "Shares" this post on Facebook
- 2 tickets given to anyone who comments on this post on Facebook
- 1 ticket given to anyone who "Likes" this post on Facebook or the corresponding post on Instagram

That's a total of 20 tickets you can earn, and many of you have already earned nearly half of that without doing a thing--Congrats!

...and yes, that will be a lot of tallying for us to do, but we'll manage--that's what spreadsheets are for!

Thank you all for all of the support you've given us up to this point--we wouldn't be here without you!


Josh, Mike, and the rest of the Players Pickleball team


  • Mark Anthony Rivers

    do you also have paddel covers,your logo/design is so cool it would be a great conversation starter,if so I would like one with first order,if not let me be the first to start conversation about "THE PLAYERS " cover. date:3/13/2020

  • Eunice

    I am interested in the rogue form what I’ve read , but want to try before I buy. Do you have any reps here in Fort Myers?

  • Coach Rick

    Paula, if you like the Scout, you will love the Rogue!!! Everyone who tries mine says: “It’s SO solid!!!”

  • Paula T. Carter

    I like my Scout Paddle so I am hoping I can win the White one of a kind! I am also gonna give the Rogue a try!

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