Our innovative paddle designs feature:

  • Gel-Core Technology: Silicone-Infused honeycomb technology is a first in the sport and represents the heart of our uncompromising approach to paddle making and our willingness to go the extra mile in our processes. Our proprietary hybrid core undergoes a multi-step manufacturing process to retain the rigidity of a nomex-like core while benefiting from the vibration reduction of polypropylene-like cores. It's a best-of-both-worlds solution that makes a paddle that can outperform others in double-blind tests with players of all skill levels.

  • 2nd Generation Gel-Core: We took Gel-Core to the next level with the Rogue2, infusing a polypropylene core with an elastomeric gel for the ultimate in performance and durability!
  • Vibration Damping Carbon Fiber Throat Reinforcement: A true example of innovation not seen anywhere else in the sport of pickleball. not only does it reinforce the critical junction between the handle and the paddle face, it also absorbs vibration in the process!