From the start, the goal of Players Pickleball was to create the best possible paddle, free from the restraints currently seen in the industry. We started out with a blank slate, a top level player, an expert in composite sporting goods, and a passionate solution finder. Then we set out to create the best pickleball paddles that we possibly could.

To do that, we knew we needed to better understand what makes a paddle special. By compiling subjective feedback from top-level players, we began to see common themes appearing when describing paddles, defined by vague terms like "feel", "touch", "control", "pop", "sweet spot", and many others. We knew that there must be some legitimacy to these terms because they were so universal.

We set out to better understand these terms and to correlate them to measurable data to grasp what physical features give a particular paddle its unique properties. We created several bespoke test fixtures that allowed us to test and measure paddle traits at a level of detail not seen before in this industry.

Pickleball Paddle "Sweet Spot" Mapping

These test procedures gave us never before seen insight into what makes a paddle play well (or not), and through the process we were able to see ways to create a new generation of paddle that could improve the game of all players, rookie to veteran, young to old, recreational to competitive.

We are proud to offer our line of top-performing paddles born from the passionate melding of these subjective and objective approaches.