Players Pickleball: In a Nutshell...

As a company, we love information. Experimental data collection and analysis, in-depth materials explanations, the underlying physics of paddle/ball interactions, we love it all!

Sometimes, though, we realize it can be a bit much to consume! For that reason, we've created this quick primer so you can learn as much as possible in just a short amount of time--then if you want to read more, you can dig deeper into our content!

Who is Players Pickleball?

Players Pickleball Established 2016
  • Founded 2016 by Josh Bechtel and Mike Bennett
  • Combined 40+ years of sporting goods product development including Pickleball, Hockey, Lacrosse, Golf, Billiards, Bikes and more.
  • After making over 50,000 paddles as a contract manufacturer, Josh and Mike structurally re-aligned to focus on their own brand of paddles.

What Makes Players Pickleball Different?

  • The Scientific Approach to Paddle Making
    • GOAL: To understand paddles better than anyone has before
      • Non-biased, scientific testing & development
      • Custom built test rigs to produce objective results
      • Comparison of unbiased lab results with subjective player feedback

What's an Example of this Scientific Approach to Paddle Making?

  • Gel-Core Example
    • 3-am "Ah-ha!" moment led Josh to wonder, "What if we..."
    • Prototypes created
    • Prototypes analyzed on test machines, yielding positive results
      Players Pickleball Paddle Sweet Spot Testing
    • Double-Blind player test conducted, also yielding positive results
      Gel-Core blind Test Results
    • Combination of lab testing and real-world player feedback and the direct correlation meant we had a winner!
Players Pickleball's Scientific Approach to Paddle Making


What's the Paddle Lineup?

Players Pickleball offers 3 primary lines of paddles:

  • Rogue2 - The successor to the first generation Rogue paddles, the Rogue2 has undergone a complete overhaul and now features even more, with Second Generation Gel-Core and the vibration-damping carbon fiber throat reinforcement. Get yours now! 

  • Scout - This is our entry-level paddle. Ideal for those new to the sport and just testing the waters. It's a solidly-performing paddle at a fantastically low price.

Why Isn't Players Pickleball Available Everywhere?

The answer is simple. We want to save you money.

  • Buy direct and eliminate the "middle man" 
  • Paying retailers and distributors mean more of your payment goes to distribution & marketing, rather than the paddle itself
  • When we sell directly to you, we can build a better paddle with more details & features at a lower price

Players Pickleball Distribution Model

Why don't Players Pickleball Paddles Cost More?

  • Customers sometimes comment, "I won't use a paddle under $100"
    • Based on false belief that "more expensive" = "better quality"
    • In reality, paddle cost might pay for:
      • Profit to distributors & resellers
      • Marketing expenses
      • Sponsorships
    • Players Pickleball sells primarily directly to customers, meaning:
      • Profit distribution to "middle men" is eliminated
      • Most of our marketing is grassroots, word-of-mouth, and via low-cost social media
      • Our sponsored-player list is small and well-focused
    • If you choose to spend more money on a paddle, that's your prerogative, but we recommend you educate yourself on why that paddle costs more--is it truly a better paddle or are you just helping pad other people's pockets with unnecessary markup?

What Does Players Pickleball do for the Environment?

  • Materials
    • Shipping boxes are recycled/recyclable/compostable
    • We use recycled paper packing materials - NO PLASTIC BAGS!
    • Even the glue on the packing tape we use is corn starch based, rather than petroleum based!

Players Pickleball Eco-Friendly Shipping Materials

  • Charity
    • We work with the charity "One Tree Planted"
    • For every paddle we sell, we plant a tree
    • When you buy a paddle from us, you're helping a team of dedicated professionals plant an entire tree that with a little luck will grow up to help support a diversified and healthy ecosystem!

One Tree Planted Partnership with Players Pickleball

Who is Using Players Pickleball Paddles?


Does Players Make Custom Paddles?


What's Up With the Squirrel Logo?

  • To us, pickleball is a sport that above all else, is about fun
  • Pickleball requires:
    • Nimbleness of body and mind
    • Playful spirit
    • Determination
    • A clever approach.
  • We wanted a mascot and a logo that embodied all of those traits. Based on our collective experience, a squirrel was the obvious choice

Be the Squirrel

Is There More to Learn?

Of course.