Happy Holidays and End-of-Year Wrap Up!

As the year winds to a close, we're taking a well-earned few-days break away from paddle production. As a result, you may notice some paddles going out of stock and appearing as "Currently Unavailable". Never fear, though, we're simply selling all of the pre-made paddles we have in stock and will ramp production up again in the new year! We're quite excited to have the Rogue2Q and Rogue2MAX paddles in the pipeline and to continue production of the already-successful Rogue2 and Rogue2E, as well as the affordable Scout! 

2021 feels like turning the page to a brighter chapter ahead in so many ways and we're excited at that prospect! We at Players wish all of you Happy Holidays, no matter what you may be celebrating and a happy, healthy, prosperous, and compassionate year ahead!

Lots of love,

Josh & the team at Players


  • Tom Allen

    Love my Rougue 2, great spin, good control, well modulated sound, not the popping sharp noise of some other brands of paddles. Great value too, at the price available. A great "home grown " product, right here in Bellingham!!!

  • Brad Hartman

    Absolutely LOVE my Rogue2E Jack Foster scorpion paddle. I’ve played with paddles from many many other manufacturers, and the Rogue is one of a kind.

  • Players Pickleball

    Diony, Jannie, and Larry – We expect to have the full lineup available again in the first week of January. Watch our website here for availability updates!

    Joe and CoachRick – Thank you! Much appreciated! Happy Holidays to you both too!

  • Diony Hernandez

    I have been searching a paddle that suits me. I believed that this is it. Please contact me of how I could get rogue2 paddle? Thank you

  • Joe

    Enjoy the break, I’ll keep checking back for inventory update. Looking forward to using one of these!

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