We've Launched Our Custom Mix & Match Signature Paddle Program!

We've Launched Our Custom Mix & Match Signature Paddle Program!

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Mix & Match Signature Paddles

For the first time ever, you can now custom design a bespoke paddle specifically tailored to your play preferences and unique sense of style!

Our experience is that no two players have the exact same style of play or sense of taste. With that in mind, we created a new way of making paddles--not one of mass production, where every paddle is the same, but one where every player can use our research to tailor a paddle specifically for them.

Start by selecting the core that best matches your desired characteristics. Do you like a paddle with more "pop"? One with a larger sweet spot? Are you on a tight budget? Is having a quiet paddle your top priority? Whatever the case, you'll likely be able to find the right paddle core for your needs using our extensive and objective research.

Once you've selected your core materials, the fun really begins! Use our online configurator to mix and match the components and colors in a way you never could before!

Paddle Configurator In Action

Mix & Match Pickleball Paddles

See the Configurator Demo and try it for yourself!

Once your selections are complete, just submit your order and we'll hand-build your paddle just for you in our USA-located headquarters!

Made in the USA

You can pre-order yours now on Kickstarter!

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Ira Fazio

Ira Fazio

Do you ship it to Canada?

Do you ship it to Canada?

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