What is 2nd Generation Gel-Core?

What is 2nd Generation Gel-Core?

Though it may just sound like yet another case of marketing hype, Gel-Core is something much, much more.

Gel-Core technology first appeared in late 2018 with the launch of the first-generation Rogue paddles. It changed the way we look at paddles. For the first time ever, we saw a hybridization of materials happening within the paddle core and benefits that contributed to a paddle's performance in measurable ways. A material chosen specifically for its high-density and vibration absorbing characteristics placed at strategic locations within the paddle core improved the paddle beyond our expectations! 

Those improvements could be measured on our test equipment but were also the dominant preference in a series of double-blind tests with real-world pickleball players of all levels. See the analysis of two non-Gel-Core paddles with a Gel-Core paddle below:


For the new Rogue2 paddle, we took Gel-Core and improved upon it further, adapting it for a polypropylene honeycomb. The new elastomer damping rods placed at each edge of the paddle within the honeycomb accomplish two major goals:

  1. Increasing the Moment of Inertia: Though it sounds a bit nerdy, this is a key factor in paddle predictability. In simple terms, the "Moment of Inertia" (MOI) is an object's resistance to rotation. In basic pickleball terms, the greater the MOI, the larger the sweet spot. When you hit a ball off-center on the paddle face, the paddle will tend to twist away from the ball. You'll feel this as a "dead' shot, or a shot "off the sweet spot". By increasing the moment of inertia, we reduce the paddle's ability to twist during an off-center hit, effectively increasing the area on the paddle face that will give reliable and predictable hits--effectively enlarging the "Sweet Spot".
  2. Absorbing Vibrations: The material used in our Gel-Core paddles is an "Elastomer", which is a material known for its ability to absorb and "damp" vibrations. Placed within a paddle, it works like the shock-absorbers in your car, dissipating the impact forces during play. Though you may not feel the difference immediately, after hours of play, you may experience less fatigue and fewer aches and pains as vibrations are absorbed within the paddle before they can be transmitted through your hand and wrist into your arm.
    Gel-Core Defined

Gel-Core Technology is just one of the ways Players Pickleball is developing paddles that are significantly different from every paddle on the market. Don't just settle for another copycat product when you can experience the benefit of true innovation and actual technological improvements!

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    What’s the weight of these paddles do you have one that is 7.5.

  • Raymond Creekbaum

    Do you have a demo paddle on lone to try ?

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