December Shipping Update

As the end of the year closes in on us, we just wanted to provide a quick update on the status of our outgoing orders.

Our normal shipping policy is to get your order out the door within one business day from the time you order it. We understand that making a new purchase is an exciting thing and we appreciate you spending your hard-earned money with us, so we work hard to get every order out as quickly as we can. For the second half of December, however, a combination of several factors means that we will be sending out orders a bit more slowly than usual. Furthermore, you're likely aware that shipping companies are all experiencing delays, which means we can't guarantee your order will arrive by Christmas. We wish we could, but some things are simply out of our hands.

With a shortage of a key component we need for building paddles, some incoming inclement weather (snow in the PNW is semi-rare and can throw a wrench in getting around), and our desire to maintain a healthy work/life balance and spend quality time with our loved ones during the holidays, means that orders placed after 12/18 may not ship out for several days, instead of our usual next-day policy. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at and otherwise, thank you for your patience and Happy Holidays!

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  • Andre'

    I owned a Rogue2 Carbon and Rogue2 Max. I could not describe in paper, you have to look at my face.
    The first one was so perfect for controlling the ball and the direction you want to aim and the same time with some spinning then I played with the second paddle Rogue2 Max Gel-Core Wood grain, unbelievable that paddle was so powerful with speed. I transformed a couple shot with speed and spin that paddle is a thumbs up. Guys if you try it you will believe how bad is the Rogue2Max Gel-Core was….

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