Finding Your Perfect Match: Comparing "Rogue2" and "Rogue2 Carbon" Paddles and Their Available Shapes

Finding Your Perfect Match: Comparing "Rogue2" and "Rogue2 Carbon" Paddles and Their Available Shapes

When it comes to elevating your pickleball game, finding the right paddle is crucial. With the diverse options offered by our Rogue2 and Rogue2 Carbon paddle lineups, you can find the perfect fit for your playing style. In this post, we'll explore the key differences between the Rogue2 (which has a fiberglass face) and Rogue2 Carbon (which has a carbon fiber face) paddles, as well as the four unique shapes available for each (Hybrid, Elongated, Quad and Max). Our goal is to help you make an informed decision and choose the paddle that best suits your needs.

Thanks to our Direct-to-Consumer pricing structure, you can get a $200+ paddle for just $129.99 [price effective at the time of this post (4/11/2023) and may change at any time]. Plus, our paddles are built in Washington State, using materials we source from all over the country and beyond, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and supporting local communities.

THE SIMILARITIES: Rogue2 vs. Rogue2 Carbon

At the heart of our Rogue2 and Rogue2 Carbon paddles is our proprietary Gel-Core technology. This innovative feature allows our 13mm core to strike a balance between power and control, offering the benefits of both 13mm and 16mm paddle thicknesses. Additionally, our exclusive Vibration Damping Throat Reinforcement further sets our paddles apart from the competition, enhancing durability, predictability, and providing additional vibration damping to isolate ball impact from the hand, wrist, and arm.  Both paddles also have texture molded directly into the face surface to provide long-lasting, maximum spin potential!

THE DIFFERENCES: Rogue2 vs. Rogue2 Carbon

The primary distinction between the two paddle models lies in their face material:

  1. Rogue2 (Fiberglass Face): The Rogue2 paddle features a fiberglass skin over a polypropylene honeycomb core enhanced with Gel-Core, providing an excellent blend of power and control. The fiberglass face offers a slightly more powerful, "poppy" feel, making it a great option for players seeking to enhance their game with added ball speed.

  2. Rogue2 Carbon (Carbon Fiber Face): The Rogue2 Carbon paddle, on the other hand, boasts a 3K Twill woven carbon fiber skin over the same Gel-Core-enhanced polypropylene honeycomb core. This carbon fiber face delivers superior control and consistency, along with a slightly softer feel overall. The increased dwell time that the ball has on the face allows for even more spin potential. For players looking for enhanced precision, touch, and spin, the Rogue2 Carbon may be the ideal choice.

Carbon Fiber versus Fiberglass face comparison

Exploring the Four Shapes

Both the Rogue2 and Rogue2 Carbon paddles come in four distinct shapes (Hybrid, Elongated, Quad and Max), each catering to different player preferences and styles:

  1. Hybrid Shape (Rogue2 & Rogue2 Carbon): The best-selling, modern hybrid shape offers a balanced combination of reach and width (it's narrower than a traditional quad-shaped paddle, but not as long and narrow as a true elongated paddle), making it a versatile choice for a wide range of players. 

  2. Elongated Shape (Rogue2E & Rogue2E Carbon): With the maximum length allowed by USA Pickleball rules, the elongated shape is perfect for singles players seeking maximum reach and a longer handle.

  3. Quad Shape (Rogue2Q & Rogue2Q Carbon): The traditional quad shape features a wide face for enhanced stability and is ideal for players who appreciate a classic paddle design.

  4. Maximum Face (Rogue2MAX & Rogue2MAX Carbon): Boasting a large & long hitting surface and substantial sweet spot, the maximum face shape is perfect for players seeking increased predictability and power. However, its significantly shorter handle (3 7/8") may not be ideal for two-handed backhand players and the slight increase in weight may not appeal to those who prefer a lighter-weight paddle.

Rogue2 Carbon Shape ComparisonRogue2 Shape Comparison


Spec table with dimensions and weights for all four Rogue2 paddle shapes.


With a variety of shapes and face materials available in our Rogue2 and Rogue2 Carbon paddle lineups, you can find the perfect paddle to refine your game. Consider your playing style, preferences, and desired balance of power and control when choosing between the fiberglass face of the Rogue2 or the carbon fiber face of the Rogue2 Carbon. Additionally, review the four shapes available to find the one that best suits your needs on the court. Then, once you've decided on the paddle that will suit you best, enjoy experiencing the exceptional performance of our paddles, enhanced by the unique Vibration Damping Throat Reinforcement and Gel-Core technology, while also enjoying the benefits of our Direct-to-Consumer pricing and American-made quality. Happy playing!


  • Steve

    Hello Gary, I have both the Rogue2 Fiberglass Quad and the Rogue2 Carbon Quad. I love both but play with the carbon more for a little more control. Good luck.

  • Bob Lycett

    Really enjoying the Rogue 2 Hybrid fibreglass face paddle.
    Tried Gearbox – played well with it, but felt unrewarding.
    Used a Gamma paddle which had plenty of feedback but also loads of unwanted vibration – which lead to a sore shoulder… However, got a combination of feel, power and control from the Rogue 2 without the arm and shoulder fatigue from playing a 4.0 + day’s competition.
    It does what it says!!

  • Gary

    Hello, I use a Rogue2 Carbon Hybrid and it is a great all-court paddle. I love it. I am thinking about also purchasing a Rogue2 Q Carbon Quad. Any user reviews or comments on the Quad? Thanks.

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