Holiday Deals, USAPA-Approval, and More!

Holiday Deals, USAPA-Approval, and More!

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Just a few updates here to keep everyone in the loop and to share some exciting offers and developments!

Holiday Special

Holiday Sale at Players Pickleball

We're offering 10% off all orders and free shipping now through January 2nd. Just use the coupon code "holidays2018" to get the deal! Our Rogue SI and RSI paddles are in stock in 8 colors and ship the same day that you order them, for free! Holiday shipping can be hectic, so if you want to get yours by December 25th, be sure to order ASAP! 

USAPA Approval

Our Rogue SI and Rogue RSI paddles are now USAPA approved, meaning they're up to snuff and legal for all tournament play!

Made in the USA

Yes, our paddles really are made in the USA. We've gotten a few questions from people and yes, we can confirm that these paddles are produced in Bellingham, WA, USA, by us! Several of the components are created in-house, some are sourced from domestic manufacturers, and some are developed by us and produced overseas.


We've been selling paddles for exactly 1 week as of today and have already shipped orders from Hawaii to Florida, from Washington to Arizona, and many places in between! All of our paddles are in stock and ship the same day you order them (provided you order before shipping cutoff times and barring Sundays, when shipments don't head out!)

Thanks, and Cheers!

We're really grateful for all of the support we've had from our Kickstarter backers, players from near and far, the new friends we've made already, and of course our families and friends. Thank you everyone, and cheers!



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