What is Gel-Core Technology? Part 3: The Results

What is Gel-Core Technology? Part 3: The Results

Part 3: The Results

After reading What is Gel-Core Technology? Part 2: Gel-Core Elastomer-Infusion, all of this might just sound to you like clever marketing talk and if we were reading it, we'd probably feel the same way. That's exactly why we don't talk unless we have the data to back it up. It's part of our core credo at Players Pickleball. We test, analyze, redesign, and repeat the process until we have measurable improvements, not just on the court or in the lab, but both--and we never make claims unless we can back them up. So how, then, do we back up our claims about Gel-Core?

  • Lab Test Results: We've developed and built several different test rigs that allow us to objectively measure a paddle's characteristics, free from any subjective bias. We can measure sound levels and frequencies, static and dynamic paddle flex, surface friction, static and dynamic failure points, acoustic frequency and decibel levels, and measure and map sweet spots in a way no other manufacturer has done before.
    • Sweet Spot: The image below shows the sweet spot test lab results of the Gel-Core paddles against control samples that were the same shape, size, and weight.  Pickleball Paddle Sweet Spot Mapping
    • Acoustic Frequency: Most players (and neighbors) agree that the sport of pickleball can be a little loud. As paddle materials have evolved, so too has the sound of a paddle hitting a ball. It's generally agreed that a lower pitched paddle is more pleasant sounding than a higher pitched paddle. The elastomer-infusion process measurably lowers the frequency of the paddle, as shown here: Paddle Frequency Comparison
  • Double-blind Test Results: For as much as lab tests matter, they don't mean much if they don't translate into a paddle that players prefer to use over others. For this reason, once we felt we’d optimized the Gel-Core paddles in the lab, we performed double-blind tests in multiple cities with players of all skill levels. In these tests, our Rogue SI/RSI paddles outperformed control paddles almost across the board.Gel-Core Blind Test Results
    The results above show the Gel-Core (yellow) scoring significantly higher than the two control panels in almost every category! Importantly, when players were asked which paddle they preferred overall, the response was almost unanimously in favor of the Gel-Core paddle!
  • USAPA Approved: The Rogue SI and Rogue RSI paddles have been approved by the USAPA for use in all USAPA-Sanctioned events.

With Gel-Core paddle technology, we've created a line of paddles unlike any others that demonstrably out-perform in lab testing and blind field testing that are within the USAPA guidelines and approved for tournament play. Best of all, they're available now at a price that won't break the bank! Check them out!

Rogue SI: Available in 8 colors with custom options available

Rogue SI Gel-Core Pickleball Paddle

Rogue RSI: Available in 8 colors with custom options available

Rogue SI Gel-Core Pickleball Paddle

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